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TOPIC atoz
stripping 26
magazine 12
field stripping 11
slide 11
pistol 10
recoil spring 9
safety 9
barrel 8
cartridge 8
chamber 7
manual safety 7
recoil 7
education 6
files 6
findmods list 6
firearm 6
forward spacing 6
front sight 6
preserve 6
preserve list 6
stripping links 6
subpackage 6
firing pin 5
installation 5
list 5
rear sight 5
sex 5
sexuality 5
spring 5
timaree 5
trigger 5
accommodation 4
cartridge chamber 4
counterweight slide 4
disk space 4
exotic dance 4
firing 4
install 4
install subpackage 4
installation instructions 4
lightly oil 4
polishing service 4
release 4
release notes 4
spring guide 4
subpackages 4
weather stripping 4
Deuterons 3
decocking lever 3
double action 3
findmods 3
gas 3
notes 3
sex work 3
solderless wrapped 3
strippers 3
stripping force 3
system technical 3
user responses 3
wire 3
wrapped 3
@mikemcgintyface on twitter 2
A bit of a different show today 2
ANIMALS that did this 2
ATM is not the proper method of clean up for the helmet 2
AWWW he sounds so fucking dull 2
Aggressive gals 2
Ah fuck it I'll sign in 2
Alan Dershowitz bravely says protesters only want superficial diversity 2
Aliens 2
Anonymous Vs. Isis 2
Asians work to achieve and don't need handouts based on race 2
Best twerking vines of 2014 2
Big bum 2
Black Harvard law professors pictures defaced after pro black rally 2
Bradley Cooper? 2
Bye bye periscope 2
Carol Queen 2
Case by case basis 2
Catherine MacKinnon 2
Celebrities I've been told I look like 2
Charlie Sheen has HIV 2
Christianity and Islam love to try to force their beliefs on the rest of us 2
Cowhead is live on periscope 2
David Ortiz is retiring after the 2016 season 2
Did I actually think anybody would listen to this? 2
Diversity just for the sake of diversity 2
Division 07 2
Do I look handsome ugly or stupid today? 2
Does he still exist? 2
Doing the show with an erection 2
Don't force religion on the rest of us 2
Doug Flutie 2
Doug Flutie's parents die on the same day 2
Edward Norton 2
Finding a way to change the minds of radicals 2
France killing the mastermind behind the attack 2
Go watch him 2
Hail Mary pass 2
Has the show been good so far 2
He felt he was being set-up for a robbery 2
He would want them punished if they were older 2
Here come the bums 2
Hermaphrodite? 2
High pitch voice for some reason 2
How long am I going to do this? 2
How would I handle this? 2
Howdy peeps 2
I accidentally closed the audio 2
I already started screaming again 2
I always will maintain that Howard Stern is talented 2
I can't deal with how low the audio is 2
I can't watch Sitcoms 2
I don't care who else is on periscope 2
I don't get why 2 and a half men and Big Bang theory are popular 2
I don't know about this Mizzou protest 2
I don't know if there will be any YouTube videos for this show 2
I don't know that much about him 2
I don't know when I can do the show next week 2
I don't need to yell as much as I do 2
I don't recall that 2
I don't stick to my guns 2
I find most of it very silly 2
I have a fat neck 2
I have a nice ass 2
I have a text message 2
I have an issue with the Islamic world view of women and gays 2
I like Louie and I liked Legit 2
I look like I have a double chin 2
I look like a leprechaun sometimes 2
I may do it today 2
I need new sound clips 2
I respect what Anonymous does 2
I saw Anthony Cumia rallying against the protesters 2
I should have prepared this before doing it live 2
I still haven't done one story 2
I support the French people 2
I support the anti-bullying campaign 2
I support ya 2
I think I used too much hair spray and I may have gone too short with my hair 2
I thought about streaming live on YouTube 2
I try my hand at twerking for the video 2
I want to have some fucking fun 2
I would be annoyed 2
I'm a sodomite 2
I'm a tough critic on myself 2
I'm an ass man 2
I'm going to dance a little 2
I'm going to fuck some plants while I take a break 2
I'm not going going to talk about Johnny's views but I don't agree with his take 2
I'm not signing in 2
I'm not usually attracted to black women 2
I'm putting on my hat 2
I'm saying fuck a lot 2
I'm taking another break 2
I'm tired 2
I've heard good things 2
Ill prepared for the show 2
Isis is going after the whole world 2
Isis talking more shit 2
It annoys me when older people disrespect younger people and don't consider them adults 2
It will grow 2
It's all about T & A 2
Jenny McCarthy is upset with Charlie Sheen 2
Johnny is usually pretty fair 2
Johnny supports them? 2
Johnny wants to talk about France 2
Jose Reyes domestic assault 911 call 2
Kurt Vile looks like a meat puppet 2
LGBT politics 2
Legalize drugs and gambling too 2
Legalize prostitution stupid 2
Legit was kind of screwed by Fox 2
Lets watch the periscope video 2
Looking for my terrible first show 2
Looking for this video 2
Making it happen 2
Man attacked by twerking women in a gas station 2
Mancow is the worst 2
Mancow went from trying to be Howard Stern to trying to be Sean Hannity 2
Many men would say they can't be sexually assaulted 2
Many things in the bible and Quran were added years after the deaths of the prophets 2
Marriage Equality 2
Maybe I suck 2
Maybe he just doesn't like dem old broads 2
Maybe he wants to fuck them now 2
Maybe in honor of this story I will watch some twerking videos 2
McGinty podcast 2
Meat puppets 2
Michael Emerson? 2
Michael Phelps trans gendered ex attacking him in the media 2
My awful first show that isn't out there 2
My different voice 2
My take on Paris 2
NBC cult following sitcoms 2
National Gay and Lesbian Task Force 2
New era of positivity Vs. SAD 2
No Johnny this week 2
up-solid down-solid